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What’s the point of diversity in the gaming industry?

According to a 2019 study conducted by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association, 21% of women are full time employees in the Australian gaming industry and as of 2017 in the US, women make up 22% (IGN). For a long time, the gaming industry has suffered from a lack of gender diversity which has been […]

The Story of Geguri: Women in South Korean eSports.

Like most other countries, South Korean eSports is heavily dominated by male players (what a surprise). Not only is there a massive gender disparity within professional play, but there is also a prevalent issue of sexism within the setting. Kim Se-yeon, better known as Geguri is a 21-year-old professional Overwatch (Team FPS) player. Her journey […]

Riot Games: the reproduction of toxicity.

In 2018, Kotaku released an exposé detailing the company Riot Games’ toxic ‘bro’ culture. Such behaviour included passing women up for promotions or flat out demoting women to lower paying positions despite having adequate skills , underpaying female employees, bosses and colleagues sending female employees unsolicited pictures of male genitalia, lists of female employees senior […]


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